Why Reviews Can Be Misleading When Searching for Assisted Living in Atlanta

When the time comes to choose assisted living in Atlanta or other nearby areas for your dad or mom, how do you find the right place? For many people, the first thought is often to search for online reviews, or perhaps talk to friends and acquaintances to get in-person personal referrals. However, there are many reasons that reading online reviews or asking for recommendations are not the best ways to make this critical decision.


Why you Shouldn’t Depend on Reviews For Assisted Living in Atlanta

While it can be tempting to listen to reviews or referrals from those you know or trust, there are distinct reasons why each type of review isn’t showing you the big picture you need to make a decision as important as this one.


Online Reviews

A review website may show you a handful of reviews about the community you are looking at, but it’s important to consider how many people currently live in each assisted living property. In many cases, there may only be a dozen reviews or less — while there may be hundreds of residents who have lived there in years past. Reading a handful of reviews will only give you small – and often skewed – look at what a community has to offer.

When you read reviews about an assisted living facility online, the results are typically aesthetic and, for lack of a better term, shallow; you often find some basic information, a few pretty photos, and a comment about the food or an especially nice staff member. However, is this the information that matters most? There typically are no in-depth reviews discussing the quality of care for specific care needs, because loved ones reviewing the facility, most often, are not qualified to evaluate the level of care that each community can provide.

Finally, consider accuracy. Some review sites may have existed for years–and the last posted review is just as old. It is not uncommon for information to be outdated. When considering accuracy, it is important to recognize that it is common for businesses, including some dishonest care facilities, to “pad” the reviews themselves or only ask happy residents to leave reviews.


Personal Reviews

While most people know not to trust everything they read on the Internet, they more readily listen to someone they trust. However, just as someone reviewing the community online is often not sure how to evaluate, your good friend who found great care for her elderly aunt may not have the best or most accurate information for your loved one’s specific senior care needs. Every senior has different needs, and thus requires a different type, level, and budget for care. So, while her review of a certain community may be glowing, it is most likely not applicable to your parents’ unique situation.

It is also typical for word of mouth recommendations to focus on the aesthetics or how clean a senior care community is–which of course are important, but not what truly matters when searching for appropriate senior care. Personal reviews are a great place to start, but your friends and family members likely do not know the ins and outs of a facility. While their heart is in the right place, take their recommendations with a grain of salt.


Doctor Reviews

It is common to consider your parent’s doctor the most reliable source for information when choosing a care community; after all, they have been the one caring for their medical needs.

But a doctor’s role, and where they spend their time, is evaluating and treating your parent’s medical needs–meaning they don’t have a deep and thorough knowledge of every care community in the area. Because of this, they aren’t the best individual to know which specific senior care community will meet their recommendations and be within your budget.

Senior care advisors and doctors have the same goal: provide the best quality of care for your parent. But each role functions differently to meet that shared goal. This is why doctors rely on senior care advisors, like CareChoice, to provide the local, specific care options that meet their recommendations and your needs.


Educated Evaluations for Finding Assisted Living in Atlanta

If you want to find the perfect place for mom or dad to spend their golden years, you need suggestions that are based upon an in-depth understanding of what each one can – and cannot – offer. A senior care advisor is skilled in evaluating not only your loved one’s individual needs, but also the details of the communities in your area. This gives them the unique ability to provide direction that weighs needs and budget with the capabilities of the various options, giving you answers that you can trust.

That’s what makes CareChoice different. We specialize in finding senior care and assisted living in the Atlanta area.

In fact, the experts at CareChoice:

  • Have visited and evaluated these facilities.
  • Will be with you every step of the way — from talking to you and your loved one to deciding on the level of care they need.
  • Work alongside your doctor or care provider to ensure all medical and social needs will be met.

Plus, our services are completely free, so working with CareChoice to help you make these critical decisions costs you nothing. Our expertise spares you significant amounts of research time, and money, by ensuring you’ve picked the right community the first time.

Making the move from their home to a senior care facility is a life-changing transition for your family. We understand the importance of this time. Here at CareChoice, we want to make this process seamless and stress-free for everyone involved. Reach out to us today, and let us help you look beyond what the reviews say about assisted living in Atlanta to find the best possible place for mom or dad to call home.