Three Unique Ways To Pay for Assisted Living

As your parents reach a certain age, there may come a time when what has always worked in terms of living arrangements just does not function anymore. It may be that your mom or dad can no longer drive at night, or at all. Perhaps it is a challenge for your parent to take his or her medication according to a strict schedule. It could also become dangerous for your loved one to walk up or down the stairs and shower alone. In some cases, you can step in and help out—but is that enough? Assisted living in Atlanta is another alternative that can help alleviate the stress on you, and help assure that your mom or dad receives the care that is needed. Plus, assisted living facilities offer a chance for socialization, balanced meals, and structured activities.

The problem many families face when considering assisted living in Atlanta is cost. Yes, at first, that price may seem a bit daunting. However, with a bit of planning and consideration, you may find it is more affordable than you think. Here are three ways that you can pay for assisted living—even if you think it may be out of reach.

Remember that certain other expenses will be less

While at first the cost of an assisted living facility may seem daunting, remember that the price paid will often include much more than just “rent.” Depending on the facility, this cost will likely include meals, utilities, laundry service, activities and perhaps even cable and WiFi. Also, if your mom or dad is moving out of a full-size home, there will no longer be the need to pay for lawn service, housekeeping and other extras that go along with maintaining a home. It is vital that you compare apples to apples when looking at different assisted living facilities and make sure you pick one that gives you a solid value—not just a lower cost.

Utilize current high property values

A few years ago the real estate “bubble” burst. Many people are still living with the thought that their homes are worth what they were five or eight years ago. However, in many instances, this isn’t the case. Many homes and other properties have seen a spike in value. With this spike, it could be a very good time to sell. If mom or dad happens to have some land around the family home, this could be even more significant than you think since there is a desire for new homes, and thus the need for empty land for building. Working with a qualified real estate agent can assure you are getting a good value if you sell a home or property—and reduce the stress involved with paying for assisted living.

Consider selling unused items using consignment/eBay

Along the same lines as selling property, have you looked into selling some of the articles your mom or dad has, that no one is using? While everyone has certain family heirlooms that may not be suitable for selling, think about things that are merely taking up space. Perhaps there is some old artwork in the attic or jewelry no one has worn in decades. Even things such as vintage clothing, tools and crafting supplies can have a higher value than many people think. Selling these items can be easier than you would imagine, especially if you use a consignment service that does the selling for you. Additionally, if you are computer-savvy, eBay or other online selling tools can be a good option too. Depending on the items you sell, the value could add up quickly and be a big help with the assisted living cost.

While these ideas may help you with paying for assisted living, or any senior care solution, it is crucial that you find the ideal facility for your loved one too. With thorough research, you can rest assured that your parent is in a facility that meets all of his or her needs—without costing you more than is necessary.


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