The 4 Markers of a High Quality Atlanta Assisted Living Facilities

As your mom, dad or other loved one gets a little older, it is natural that you may want to learn more about alternative living arrangements that are available. Moving your parent from their home to an assisted living or other retirement community is a significant step, but it can be a necessary one. After all, you want to make sure your loved one is cared for — even when you can’t be there.

One option you may wish to look at is assisted living. There are many excellent options for assisted living in Atlanta, but you’ll need to look closely at each community to determine whether it fits your needs and those of your loved one.

As you begin the process of determining which option meets the needs of your family, check out these four markers of  high-quality Atlanta assisted living facilities.

1. Appropriate and Well-Staffed Programs for Level of Care

Your loved one is a unique individual. Perhaps they are still very independent and want to do as much as possible for themselves. On the other hand, maybe your mom or dad is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and will need specialized services to address memory care and day-to-day tasks.

While most assisted living communities offer similar services, such as nursing staff, delivering pharmacies, and visiting medical professionals; your parent or loved one may need additional programs based on their unique care needs. It’s important to look at everything an assisted living community offers. The right community for your loved one may be much different than the one that is right for another individual.

2. Good Value for Services

When you first start comparing assisted living communities, you may immediately be intrigued by the less-expensive options — it makes sense. However, it is important that you are comparing apples to apples. The most important thing is to find an assisted living in Atlanta that offers an excellent value.

The best value may mean that up-front costs are a bit higher, but more benefits are included that will save you money over time. On the flip side, a more expensive community may not always be a better choice, especially if you are spending the extra funds on services that your loved one does not need or will not use.

3. Robust Senior Activities

Assisted living is a 24/7 operation. Being a 24/7 community means that in addition to sleeping, eating and visiting with you, your loved one will have many hours each day to fill. The best options offer a robust selection of activities; they don’t just expect the residents to spend the day watching television.

Be on the lookout for offerings such as libraries, gyms, and game rooms, of course. You will also want to look into what other activities are available. Some assisted living facilities offer bus trips, visits from community groups and even special classes on topics such as history, technology, and second languages.. If there is something your loved one is especially passionate about, it is worth asking whether it is possible they can pursue it while living in the community.

4. Transparency

The best assisted living communities are transparent. That means the facilities are open to you — both physically and financially. You should be able to tour the community at any time.

Naturally, when you express an interest in a community, the manager will want to schedule a tour, however, you should also be able to “drop in” and see what the assisted living facility looks like even when there is no tour scheduled.

Additionally, when it comes to the fees you pay, you should have a solid understanding of your costs. Most assisted living facilities are happy to work with you and explain all billing breakdowns so that you understand what to expect.

Let Us Help You Choose the Best Community for Your Loved One

While the four markers above are excellent signs of well-run and high-quality assisted living in Atlanta, unique needs require unique considerations. That is why it is important that you take your time in making this decision — and that you have assistance with the process.

A Senior Living Advisor, or Family Advocate, is someone who not only knows about what makes an assisted living exceptional, but who also has in-depth knowledge and expertise with local assisted living facilities in and around Atlanta.

The team at CareChoice LLC offers 100% free guidance to families and is available to you by phone at (404) 402-1499, or online at We look forward to helping you find the ideal care community for your loved one.