How to Find Assisted Living in Atlanta That Meets Your Needs

You may have noticed a few facilities around town. You might have also viewed brochures, watched commercials, visited relatives, or just heard about options through the grapevine. There are many choices when it comes to assisted living in Atlanta.

When it comes time to choose a place for your mom or dad, having choices is a mixed blessing. These alternatives are a good thing because it means you have the best chance to find the perfect place for your loved one to call home. However, it can be an overwhelming decision. Here are three things you should do to find assisted living in Atlanta that meets your needs, and those of your mom or dad.

Talk to a True Expert

While researching the subject on your own can be eye-opening, in reality, you have a very limited scope when it comes to checking out assisted living in Atlanta. You may have toured a couple of nearby facilities or perhaps have heard about one through a friend or co-worker. The reality is that there are hundreds of options for senior care in the Atlanta area, including assisted living, residential care homes, and in-home care.

Working with a senior living advisor can be an amazing solution for you and your parents. Your family advocate will listen to your needs, look over all of the potential solutions and make suggestions from a new perspective.

Discuss Care Needs and Review Online Options

When you need to choose an assisted living community rise, you may already have a few ideas of your own. Ultimately, though, it is your mom or dad who will be calling this place home. It is important that you sit down as a family and discuss all of the care needs, the budget, all of the “wants” regarding activities and living arrangements, and perhaps some of your wants (such as a convenient location for visiting) too. Your next step may be to review a few options online. Reviewing online allows you to view the basic amenities and check out reviews from other residents and families. Perhaps you can eliminate a few options solely based on online profiles. It is best to consult with your Family Advocate at CareChoice as reviews can be misleading.  They can assist as much or as little as needed in having these conversations. As you go through this process, make sure it remains a project you work on together—so that both you and your mom or dad are pleased with the options.

Go On a Few Tours of Assisted Living in Atlanta

You can learn a lot about these senior care and assisted living communities by looking online and making phone calls. Online information can be beneficial, but you cannot get a good idea of how the facility “feels.” Nor can you experience how friendly the staff is, how welcoming the other residents are, what the rooms feel like or how delicious dinner will taste. After determining the best options with your Family Advocate, take a tour of your top choices. These are a crucial step in your decision-making process. Your Family Advocate will assist in scheduling tours at your convenience. Most assisted living communities are more than happy to schedule a tour on very short notice. Dropping by a community can also be a good idea because it will give you a better idea of what is going on day to day.

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Once you have reviewed the options online, in person, and with expert guidance, you will likely have a “gut instinct” about what facilities feel best. Do not ignore those instincts. The truth is, an assisted living facility will serve as a home for your mom or dad. The employees will become both caretakers and friends. It is vital to find the right place—the one that feels right and that meets your needs. Take your time and do not let anyone pressure you into making a decision. You will know when you have found the place for mom or dad to call home.