Creating a Smooth Transition from Home to Assisted Living

If you and your family have decided that assisted living is the right decision for mom or dad, the thought of making the move into the actual facility might be a bit overwhelming. After all, this is more than just a regular move; it is a complete life transition too. While the transition will be a bit different for every person and family, check out this timeline to help you get a better idea of what to expect in the month or so leading up to the big move.


One Month Prior to the Move

At this point, you will be focusing on downsizing. Perhaps your mom or dad will want to give some treasured belongings to family members, put some items in storage, or even hold a yard sale. You may even want to call a local charity to have them come out and pick up unwanted items that can be donated. Also, now is the time to have work done to your mom or dad’s home so that it can be put up on the market if it will be sold or ownership otherwise transferred.

This point can be a excellent time to deal with any loose ends regarding legal matters. Make sure your loved one is comfortable with all decisions that are made and that he or she understands why everything is being done. These discussions can help avoid uncomfortable conversations later.


One Week Before the Move

At this point, moving day is getting closer. Your mom or dad needs to be preparing for the big day. Needed items must be packed and prepared. Talk to the management at the facility to find out if your parent will need any new items—such as bedding or household items.

Additionally, mom or dad should be getting used to the new routine. Some communities may allow the new resident to stop by and begin participating in activities or join the community for lunch. These visits can be a great way to get used to the new things that will be occurring in the weeks and months ahead.


The Day of the Move

Moving day is an important day. If possible, have as many friends and family members present to help. Not only will this make moving the physical items easier, but it will make your mom or dad feel more comfortable with the process.

This way, your parent will know that your entire family stands behind the decision and that someone is always going to be around to help out, if and when it is necessary. On the day of the move, prepare for a very long day.


The Days Ahead

Make sure that someone is available to visit mom or dad in the first few days after he or she moves into the assisted living community.

While these facilities are used to new residents and will do everything possible to make the transition smooth and simple, you want your mom or dad to know that you are there to support them.

Additionally, your parent will likely have concerns about their old home.

Don’t leave mom or dad with unneeded worries.

For many people, making the move from home to assisted living is a smart decision, but the actual move is a big job. Don’t feel like you have to guide your mom or dad through all the steps alone. A senior care advisor can be a great resource to help you make decisions and assist you every step of the way.

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