Assisted Living in Atlanta: 3 Signs You Need A Senior Care Expert

As your parents get older, you may begin to notice that they have trouble with tasks that they once found easy. Perhaps your mom or dad is struggling with medical problems, or you’re starting to notice a dangerous change in their driving habits.

While you want to do everything you can for your parents, your life is hectic, too. It may not always be possible for you to be there as much as you’d like. For some families, it may be time to hire an outside caregiver. Others may find that mom or dad is more comfortable in a senior community that is designed for their unique needs.

One important thing to know is that you don’t have to go through this difficult time alone. A senior care adviser is someone who knows all about the different care options available in your area and who can give you concrete advice on choosing the best care option for your parents. But how do you know when you need to reach out to a senior care expert? Consider these three signs:

You Want to Learn the Difference Between Senior Living Communities, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes

You’ve probably driven past these facilities or seen advertisements on television. But do you know the difference between a senior living community, an assisted living facility, and a nursing home? What about a memory care facility? Is in-home care a viable option for your active parents? When it comes to assisted living in Atlanta, as well as other senior living arrangements, there are many different options. When you find yourself curious about these options or unsure what the differences are, it may be time to reach out to an expert.

Mom or Dad is Ready For the Next Step

If you feel that your mom or dad would be better served in an environment that provides care assistance, but you don’t know how to approach the subject, a senior living advisor can be a great solution to help navigate this difficult conversation. On the other hand, it may be that you aren’t the one who wants to make a change; it may be that your mom or dad is asking about options. It can be hard for you to face the fact that your parents need a little help with day-to-day living.

This is one time when it can help to have someone else on your side to look at things from an outsider’s perspective. Since you are so close to your parents, and you have known them so long, it can be harder for you to recognize that the time is right for them to move to a senior living facility. A senior care expert will be able to show you the benefits.

You Need Answers to Your Senior Living Questions

For most of your life, your parents always had the answers. Now, you are the one who is supposed to have it all figured out. If you find that each day leaves you with more questions than answers, perhaps it is time to turn your questions over to someone who has experience with this situation.

Maybe you want to know more about the costs associated with assisted living in Atlanta, the difference between a personal care home license and assisted living license, or maybe you want to learn more about the activities offered at each community. A senior care expert can help you look at the big picture and the small details so you can understand what to expect from the next steps in the process.

No matter what stage you are at in the process of evaluating senior care options, working with a senior care expert just makes sense. Don’t try to do everything yourself — assisted living reviews in Atlanta and other resources can be very misleading. There is a lot of information to sort through and a lot of that information is bad information. You may not find the answers you need for your loved one’s specific care needs.

If you’re currently considering any senior care community, in-home care, assisted living in Atlanta or another option, we encourage you to reach out to us at CareChoice. You can reach us by email through our website or by phone at (404) 402-1499. We will connect you with one of our experienced family advocates and offer complementary guidance.

Our service is all about helping you every step of the way, from learning more about these options to the day your loved one moves in — and beyond. Call us today and you’ll quickly realize that a senior care expert is your best resource for all your senior care questions.