Assisted Living Facilities: How Far is Too Far?

Deciding when your mom or dad is ready for assisted living is not an easy decision. In many cases, it often comes after a fall or other tragic incident and made in a short time period.

It is so important that the choice to look at assisted living facilities is a family decision. The next big choice is determining what location is ideal.

While exceptions do exist, two choices that many people have to decide between are choosing a community near their parents’ home or choosing one close to their own homes. We have put together the pros and cons of both options—to give you some guidance in this matter.

A Facility Near Your Parents’ Home

The biggest benefit to this option is that the transition may be less stressful for your mom or dad. After all, he or she may be able to go to the same church, shop at the same stores, and visit the same doctor as before transitioning to assisted living. Familiarity is especially beneficial for Alzheimer’s and Dementia care residents.

Being close by, the move itself may be more affordable. Your mom or dad will likely get plenty of visitors, too! The Harvard School of Public Health Study stated that seniors who have an active social life may be less likely to experience memory loss.

However, choosing an assisted living facility near mom or dad’s home can be less convenient for family who may live further away. Staying connected is often key to a successful transition.

A Facility Near Your Own Home

On the other hand, choosing a facility near your house, can be a good option in some cases. Your parents will love being nearby and it will be easier to include Mom or Dad.

One possible downside to moving your parents near you is that it can make the transition even more complex. If your parents live far from you, chances are that your mom or dad may not know many people in the area. The feeling of “starting over” completely makes the idea of moving to an assisted living facility even more stressful.

If you have brothers or sisters,  deciding on a community can be even more complex. While every sibling may not be available to take an active role, it is important to remain on the same page. Use these 4 tips to work together as a family.

›Get together: Don’t try to make this decision via email or phone. Get the family together and discuss it in person.

›Think About Logistics: While you may be tempted to want the parent nearby, it doesn’t always make sense. Think about keeping mom or dad in a familiar space or at least near the child who will be best able to serve the needs of the parents.

›Consider Cost:Assisted living costs can vary from one place to another. This can be a determining factor.

›Remember Mom or Dad: At the end of the day, the idea is to make mom or dad happy. Don’t let you and your siblings’ desires get in the way of keeping your parents happy.

Your family will certainly want to come together to make the choice of assisted living for your parents.While deciding on location is often the first biggest choice to choose, the next big step is determining which community can accommodate the appropriate care needed.

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