Aging at Home Vs. Assisted Living in Atlanta: How to Compare Independent Living Services

When it comes to your parents, grandparents, or other loved ones, you want to do everything in your power to make them happy and comfortable. Many seniors, when given the choice, would love to age at their home where they’ve been for years rather than live in a new environment such as a senior care community. Unfortunately, that is not always possible. So how do you know when caring for mom or dad at home has reached a tipping point?

Aging in the Comfort of Home

Your parents probably want to stay in their house for as long as possible. That’s understandable; after all, it is more than a house, it’s home. If your parents can manage most of their day to day tasks, you may only need to make a few changes to make their home a safer place.

  • Implement Safety Modifications – Adding modifications to the home like ramps, rails, and other accessibility options can make the home safer. Your parents will feel more secure in their ability to take care of necessary activities, and you will feel better about leaving them alone.
  • Adding Security Devices – A “push button” pendant style safety device can help you feel more comfortable when your parent must stay alone. These devices cost a small amount each month, but the benefits are well worth it.
  • Creating a Schedule – A schedule is important because it helps your loved one remember to take medication, go to appointments, and other important tasks. Plus, you can arrange to have yourself or someone else be there to help with the more difficult things.
  • Bringing in a Caregiver – A caregiver may be a necessity, and it can certainly make your mom or dad more comfortable. There are many options when searching for a qualified part-time caregiver to help your parents when you can’t be there.

When you first bring in someone to help around the house, it may start out as only a part-time situation. Perhaps this individual comes in a few times a week to clean up, help with cooking, and other tasks. Having someone to help with driving to and from appointments and shopping is great too; however, over time, a few hours a week is not long enough.

When a caregiver is needed more and more, the cost of care rises significantly; having someone full-time could run $12,000 per month—or more. As costs and care needs increase it may be necessary to consider other options, such as assisted living communities in Atlanta.

When Aging at Home No Longer Works

It could be that the cost of care has gotten too high, or health conditions have arisen that require daily medical care. Perhaps your parent can no longer manage the tasks of daily living or maybe the fear of an emergency is getting to be a bit too much to handle. When health and safety concerns become overwhelming, it is time to look for a different solution.

Choosing Assisted Living in Atlanta

You may worry that the costs associated with an assisted living facility are too high to make this an option. However, many people find that the costs are more reasonable than expected. Plus, with facilities located throughout the region, there is likely one very convenient for you and your family.

There are other advantages that cannot be measured in terms of money only. When moving from a home into a community setting, your parents will have more opportunities to socialize and have access to activities than they may not have currently. When the time is right, making the move to assisted living can be a wonderful experience for all involved.

Access Free Senior Care Advisor Services

No matter what stage you are in with your senior care search, it makes sense to have someone on your side. A senior care advisor understands the big decisions that you have to make and will work with you to determine the right solution for your particular situation.

If you haven’t yet talked to a senior care advisor, why not reach out to CareChoice in Atlanta? Our experts have in-depth information about all of the options available to you in the Atlanta area—including in-home care and senior living communities. Plus our service is 100% free to families. Reach out to us today and let us take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can relax with the knowledge that your loved one will receive the best care possible!