6 Simple Ways to Make the Kitchen a Safer Place for Mom or Dad

Did you know that house fires that are started from kitchen equipment kill nearly 500 people every year, and injure thousands? In addition, there are more bacteria in the average kitchen than any other room in the house, meaning that improperly prepared food could be a hazard to families. These are just a few of the reasons why the kitchen is a dangerous room for anyone, but especially a senior with limited mobility. Luckily, a few simple changes and this room can be much safer for everyone! We’ve collected a few tips that you can utilize to make sure the kitchen is a safe place for your mom or dad.

  • Invest in Auto Shut-off Devices – While your mom or dad should be able to remember to turn off the stove, toaster oven or other devices, what happens if someone forgets? There are many auto shut-off devices on the market today that can add an additional layer of safety.
  • Keep it Clean – A clean kitchen is a safe kitchen. If you find that your mom or dad is unable to keep the kitchen as clean as they once did, investing in a cleaning service could be a good solution. In addition, make cleaning easy by keeping the right tools on hand for the job.
  • Choose Careful Storage Solutions – It is easy for a senior or someone with mobility issues to fall or slip when they are reaching for a poorly stored item. Keep all items that are used on a regular basis at a comfortable level to avoid stretching and reaching. Don’t be afraid to get creative with storage.
  • Conduct a Food Sweep – When you have the opportunity, check your loved one’s refrigeration, pantry and other spaces for food that is out of date or otherwise unsafe to eat. Just a few moments could make a big difference in keeping mom or dad safe!
  • Provide Easy Options – Your mom or dad should not have to cook a full meal if they are feeling tired or sick. Help you parent by stocking the kitchen with some easy-to-grab, healthy dining solutions. Keeping mom or dad from cooking when they don’t feel up to it can make a huge difference.
  • Remove Loose Rugs and Trip Hazards – The floor in the kitchen should be clear and easy to maneuver. There is no need for an unsecured rug or clunky objects that can get in the way. Clearing the path in the kitchen can make a fall much less likely. In addition, if anything leaks or creates a problem with wet floors, take care of this situation immediately!

While there are many ways to make a kitchen (and an entire house) safer and easy to navigate, there may come a time when your mom or dad needs a little more assistance. Learn to watch for the signs. If you would like to learn more about other options that could be available to your family, and how to discuss these options with your loved one, reach out to the team at CareChoice LLC. We want to help you keep your mom or dad safe, comfortable and happy!