How Many Medications Are Too Many?

Medicine can be an amazing thing. It often adds years to life and improves comfort. However, when you take medicine for one symptom or illness, and then add a pill for something else — and another doctor adds additional treatments, it can eventually turn into something entirely overwhelming. This can become a big problem for older adults who may struggle to remember when they have taken all their pills or have trouble keeping track of their different prescriptions.


Making Holiday Traditions Inclusive for Seniors

The holidays are a much-loved respite from everyday life. Gallup’s mood index rates Thanksgiving and Christmas Day as two of the happiest days of the year. As the holiday season arrives, many families have timeless traditions, and newer ones as well, that they want to experience. However, it can be troubling to think about enjoying these holiday joys without including the entire family. As mom and dad age, it can be harder for them to participate in all of these holiday events without getting tired out or overwhelmed.


6 Simple Ways to Make the Kitchen a Safer Place for Mom or Dad

Did you know that house fires that are started from kitchen equipment kill nearly 500 people every year, and injure thousands? In addition, there are more bacteria in the average kitchen than any other room in the house, meaning that improperly prepared food could be a hazard to families. These are just a few of the reasons why the kitchen is a dangerous room for anyone, but especially a senior with limited mobility. Luckily, a few simple changes and this room can be much safer for everyone! We’ve collected a few tips that you can utilize to make sure the kitchen is a safe place for your mom or dad.


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